Here Are Three Simple Strategies for Distributing Your Self-Published Books

It’s a common misconception among self-published authors that distribution to major bookstore chains is impossible. The author of the fantasy novel “The Emaneska Series” discusses the process of getting their books into more than twenty Waterstones bookstores throughout the United Kingdom in this blog post.

The author recommends keeping these three things in mind when working to distribute your self-published book

1. Take advantage of the shopkeepers’ enthusiasm for books.

We self-publishers have a special connection with avid bookworms and independent booksellers. This allows us to begin a working relationship with them and follows recommendations for stocking our shelves. Managers at large bookstores are given some leeway to take calculated risks on unproven new releases, provided that the books are profitable and simple to find.

2. Stores selling books should be seen as both enterprises and havens for book lovers.

It’s important to remember that bookstores, especially massive chains, are businesses that want to make a profit.

It’s flattering when retailers sing your praises, but it’s far more important to guarantee that your book will sell well and bring in a lot of money for the publisher.

In order to convince a bookstore that stocking their book was a wise business move, an author may, for instance, take advantage of the initial popularity of their book in one shop by organizing book signings in other nearby branches and using strong marketing methods to sell out those events.

By establishing a strong financial case, self-published authors may persuade large bookstores to stock their books.

3. Do something viral.

In huge chains, there is a lot of interaction between the many links. Spread the message via emails from regional and store managers and via word of mouth throughout a major chain’s facilities.

We should begin where we are most powerful and expand outside, creating an impact, asking for future book stock, leaving promotional materials, and keeping in touch.

Even though it can seem unachievable, self-publishing your book is a viable option for reaching readers. Building relationships with bookstores, creating a strong business case, and spreading the word will keep your book in circulation. Keep in mind that bookstores are businesses just like any other, and you’ll need to prove your book’s financial viability if you want it to be carried. Don’t let common misconceptions about independent publishing stop you from pursuing your goal of seeing your work in print. Have fun writing!


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