Self-Publishing Author Amanda Hocking’s Incredible Story

Amanda Hocking is a bestselling author of Young Adult paranormal romance literature, notable for her self-publishing success. She made a name for herself with the My Blood Approves trilogy, published in 2010, and the Trylle trilogy, which sold over 1.5 million copies in the same year. Hocking has kept writing both series, as well as The Hollows, Watersong, and The Kanin Chronicles, which will continue in August. In 2012, Hocking shattered records for self-published writers with sales of over $2 million.

Hocking’s Authored Works

Hocking is a writer of paranormal romance, and her book My Blood Approves (beginning with the eponymous title) is a vampire-centric trilogy about seventeen-year-old Alice Bonham and two brothers who capture her attention. The succeeding Trylle trilogy (consisting of Switched, Torn, and Ascend) is a more humanistic urban-fantasy setting featuring the adolescent Wendy, while the Hollows series (beginning with Hollowland) offers a fresh take on the zombies genre. The series Watersong is about Gemma Fisher’s newly developing talents and her sister Harper’s quest to safeguard her from the “new sisters” who are helping her find them. Frostfire marks the start of Hocking’s Kanin series, which follows the princess of an icy nation tasked with a selfless purpose.

In general, the works of Hocking have been described as containing “part quirky female characters like Hocking herself, part fast pacing, part Hollywood-style action, and part bodice-ripping romance.” Since 2015, Hocking has released more than twenty books.

Hocking’s Success Narrative

Hocking’s path to success as a self-published novelist was unique. She worked as a group homeworker until 2010 before deciding to publish her 17 novels, which she had written in her spare time. In 2010, she released her works independently via electronic platforms. She even joined SPR prior to her success sweeping her away! Within a year, she sold over a million copies of nine different publications. Hocking shattered all prior records for self-published electronic writers, establishing a new benchmark for what might be accomplished.
Hocking maintains a blog and regular engagement with her followers via her website, as well as regular contests and giveaways. Her success story is a source of motivation for aspiring authors who aspire to self-publish and attain comparable success. If you’re searching for a fast-paced, action-packed, and romantic read, you should check out Hocking’s works.


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