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Self-publishing success? Check. 10,000 copies of my debut novel sold in the first year? Check. 18,000 copies sold overall? Check. My new release, “Don’t Touch the Blue Stuff!” opening strong? Check. How did I do it?

By believing in my story, putting in the hard work, and not relying on luck or influence. Self-publishing can be challenging, but the rewards can be great with the right approach and persistence. Don’t let fear hold you back; if you have a great story to tell, go for it!

-Rob Dirks

Self-publishing was never my plan, but when I became a national competition finalist, validation gave me the confidence to go for it. I self-published three books and faced challenges in marketing and distribution. Still, the experience taught me a lot about the publishing industry and gave me the platform to become a freelance children’s author. Word of advice: if you self-publish, make sure it’s high-quality and can stand next to traditionally published books.

-Camila Chester

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